Sunday, December 27, 2015

Test d'éclairage (nouvelle recette)

Apres avoir recu notre récente commande de quelques têtes de flash supplémentaires, nous avons demandé a notre amie Evelyne de bien vouloir ce preter a une scéance, afin de faire l'essaie d'une nouvelle recette d'éclairage.

Les images retenu et demandé par notre modèle, peuvent etre vue... ICI

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shoot Portraits Corpo... Valerie Chiasson

24 Decembre 2015  |  St-Lin, Que.

En cette fin d'année, nous avons eux la chance d'accueillir notre coureuse automobile préféré, Valerie Chiasson, afin de rafraichier ces images Corpo.

Un p'tit topo des images faites, peuvent etre visionné ICI

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cirque du Soleil... Toruk!

Monday December 21st 2015  |  Bell Centre (Montreal, PQ)

The World Premiere of Cirque du Soleil's "Toruk", a visual adventure based on the movie Avatar, was presented at Montreal's Bell Centre.

The visual aspect of this presentation is nothing short of mind-boggling, and leaves you wondering how they achieved some of these technical feats.

A few images from this Premiere, can be seen HERE

Saturday, December 19, 2015

La Premiere de Marie-Mai...

Théatre St-Denis  |  Jeudi le 17 Decembre 2015

C'est au Théatre St-Denis que Marie-Mai lancait sa grande premiere, de 20 dates de concerts, en 24 jours. Voici quelques images de cette soirée tant attendu.

Quelques images ICI

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The importance of cleaning your computer...

How to Clean Your PC, Inside/Out

Cleaning the Keyboard and Mouse

Taking a can of compressed air to a keyboard.
You have two ways to go about cleaning a keyboard: the easy way and the fun-but-potentially-disastrous way. The former requires a can of compressed air and some cleaning fluid--anything from Pledge wipes to Lysol, your pick.
Gently pop the keys off the keyboard, and you can expose the crud underneath.
Turn off the computer. Start by gently brushing the cleaning solution over the keys; I recommend that you spray a paper towel or a wipe instead of drenching the keyboard in cleaning fluid (I'll talk about that later). If you think it's already pretty crud-free, you can get away with spraying compressed air in between the keys. To do a more thorough job, however, you'll want to use a capped pen, a mechanical pencil, or a closed pair of scissors to pop the keys up and off the keyboard. Once you've done that, commence deeper cleaning of the underlying surface. You might want to do this cleaning in batches of keys, just in case you forget which keys go where.
The "fun" method involves sticking your keyboard in the dishwasher and letting nature take its course. A few caveats: Gaming keyboards and wireless keyboards carry with them a greater degree of risk than standard keyboards do. To put it another way, you should steer clear of this method if your keyboard has a tiny display attached. Cover any open USB ports with plastic and tape, and, if you're cleaning a wireless keyboard, remove the battery prior to the washing. Set the dishwasher on a normal temperature with no heated drying--just air--and make sure that the keys are facing down.
Wiping off the mouse with a damp cloth.
Once the keyboard is done bathing, you must let it dry completely before attempting to use it. Put it upside-down on the dish rack for a few days, stick it in sunlight for a few days, blast the insides with compressed air. You'll find no perfect solution to getting every last bit of water out of the keyboard--you'll just have to be patient, lest you paperweight your device.
Swabbing the mouse sensor.
You can use the same techniques on your mouse that you used to clean your keyboard--that is, a gentle brushing with a cleaning wipe or a moist towel. Depending on the variety of mouse, you should be able to pop the primary clicking buttons off in a manner similar to a keyboard's keys, giving you access to the dirty bits underneath. You can also use the same cleaning cloth to wipe the gunk that typically sticks to the pads on the mouse's underside.
If you're still rocking a legacy mouse with a ball, remove the cover on the bottom of the mouse and give the sphere (as well as the area in which the mouse ball sits) a good wipe. And for the 99 percent of you who have moved on to optical mice, a cotton swab gently inserted into the area of the LED should be sufficient to remove any debris that has collected.

Deep-Cleaning the PC

Here we go--the biggie. As tempted as you might be to just blast compressed air all over the inside of the case, resist the urge at first. If you're going the compressed-air route, you'll want to move the system to an area that you don't mind getting a little messy (as in, not your carpeted office floor). You'll also want to blast spurts of air from the inside of the case on out. No sense spraying dust back into your system, eh?
Compressed air can clean out PC fans--just make sure not to blow dust back into the PC.
To clean the case fans, you can use the compressed-air can and give 'em a good blasting, or you can use rubbing alcohol gently applied to a cotton swab, paper towel, or toothbrush (I'm not kidding, a toothbrush works great for scrubbing dust and gunk from the fan blades themselves). You might need to physically unscrew the fan from the case, which is pretty easy. Just be sure to make note of the diagram on the fan that indicates which way air is being pushed or pulled into the case; once you've cleaned the fan, reinstall it so that it's moving air in the same direction.
Wiping down the heat sink.
Of course, that's just the first step. Next up is the CPU, which you can treat in one of two ways: using compressed air to blast dust away from the heat sink and fan combination installed in your PC, or removing the heat sink entirely and using 99 percent isopropyl alcohol to scrub off the gunk. We recommend the latter method, as it will also give you a great chance to clean and reapply thermal paste to the CPU itself.
Each heat sink tends to have its own specific way of detaching. In general, you'll probably have to twist and pull up four knobs attaching the device to the motherboard, or, depending on your CPU/heat-sink variant, you might need to unlock one or two larger retaining clips or levers. Once you've freed the heat sink, use the aforementioned rubbing alcohol to wipe away the thermal paste on the underside of the component. You can also use the liquid to clean dust off the heat sink as is--but whether you're wiping the heat sink or dunking it in a bath of rubbing alcohol, be sure that the heat sink is entirely dry before you try to use it once more.
Reapplying thermal paste.
Use the same rubbing alcohol to wipe the thermal paste off the CPU itself. You'll want to reapply new thermal paste according to the specific preferences indicated by your CPU manufacturer. But you don't have to search very far for that information: Thermal-paste manufacturer Arctic Silver has a handy guide for both AMD- and Intel-based setups.
Now you're probably asking yourself why I haven't covered cleaning other parts of a PC--such as the hard drives, the graphics card, or the motherboard itself. The same tactics you used to clean the fans and the heat sink will also work for cleaning everything else. If you're just looking to give your desktop system a once-over, then I recommend that you use a combination of a vacuum hose and a compressed-air canister: Blow the dust out of the graphics card's fan and cooler, the motherboard, or the hard drives, and position the vacuum hose near the plume of ejected material so that it troubles your PC no more.
Giving the motherboard an alcohol bath.
And if you're truly hard-core, you can go for the nuclear bomb of cleaning: Remove all the parts from the motherboard (including the CPU, the RAM, all add-on cards, and the CMOS battery), remove the motherboard from the system, and then dunk it in a bath of 99 percent isopropyl alcohol.
No, I'm not crazy.
The alcohol doesn't conduct electricity, and, more important, its speedy evaporation will assist you as you work toward eliminating each and every drop of liquid from the board's nooks and crannies before you reinstall it in the desktop. This method isn't for newbies, but it will definitely make the motherboard look as if it were brand-new. I don't recommend that you try to clean hard drives in a similar fashion, however--not all PC parts can survive such a plunge.
Now that you've physically "cleaned" your PC, it's time to go one step further, and get rid of some unwanted files and clean the Registry.  Many software tool are available for this process, but over the years, we seem to have taken a preference for CCleaner by Piriform.  It's easy of use, and the fact that it didn't install a whole bunch of unwanted tools/files was very appealing to us.  Make sure you make a back-up of the old registry, just in case.  Once you've gone through the steps of deleting old unused files, and cleaning the registry, chances are, you'll be using a much faster and reliable machine!
You can download the free software HERE

Monday, November 23, 2015

Artists Supporting Artists...

Whether it be from the same or different field of expertise, I feel it's important that artists not only show appreciation, but also support the work of other artists. A little while back, we were introduced to the works of Lizzy Falcon, paintings & Sculptures. Although we've never been huge fans of sculptures, her paintings "talked" to us, and we found ourselves going back to her website to see what she had created next, on a monthly basis.  
That being said, yesterday we gave in to our urges, and we are now the proud owners of two (2) wonderful pieces... "The Transformation" and "Sugar High" from her Big Eye collection. They will be a great addition to our walls.
The subject, the technique, and raw talent. Everything about Lizzy's work is captivating. I can only suggest you spoil yourself, before her value sky-rockets (and it will). We hope you all get in on the craze, before you need to take a mortgage out on your homes to afford one yourself.
That being said, Lizzy markets her work well, and also offers either, free shipping or percentage discount coupon codes to people who are return clients, or purchase more than one item.
You can visit her website HERE

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I❤NY Tourism Board promotional video - Ride the Adirondacks

A few months ago, we were asked to collaborate on a video for the I❤NY tourism board, promoting the Adirondacks as a riding destination, for Canadian Bikers. Seeing we had been riding there for decades, we couldn't pass up on this privilege to share our passion, and the reasons why the area is one of our favorite "local" rides. It was our first contribution in front of the camera, and we had a blast throughout those 3 days of shooting!
Link to the video... HERE
We hope you like it, and make the Adirondacks one of your riding destinations for 2016. A huge shout out to the amazing team of creators that made this experience happen.
Kari Hoffman, Eric Adsit, Rick Godin, Anne Rast, Paul Frederick
Download printable maps of select rides in the Adirondacks... HERE

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Nitro Circus...

October 16th 2015  |  Montreal's Bell Centre

Nitro Circus, is nothing short of a gathering of talented rush-seeking individuals, that seems to have escaped the asylum, and that have given themselves a personal mandate to have you sitting on the edge of your seat, thinking... "this can't be done!".

Yet, Travis Pastrana and his crew prove you wrong, and pull off the most amazing stunts you could ever see.  Many of which only a few individuals in the world have had the balls to try, or ever accomplish. A show that must be seen.

You won't believe your eyes, unless you see it Live!

A few images from this awesome performance, can be seen HERE

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


September 19th 2015  |  Bell Center

Queensryche as a show opener for Scorpions, at Montreal's Bell Center.

The Setlist and a few images... HERE

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Saturday Sept 19th 2015  |  Bell Center (Montreal)

The Scorpions graced the planks of the Montreal Bell Center, to more than 14,000 fans. 

The Setlist and a few images HERE

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Tea Party...

September 17th 2015  |  Corona Theater

It was in front of a sell-out crowd, that The Tea Party performed their first of 2 dates at the Corona Theater.  An impressive setlist that seemed to satisfy the true connoisseurs, and those that were there to get a live glimpse of the new album... The edges of Twilight.

The setlist and a few images... HERE

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Dark side of Photography...

When Getting the 'Best' Shot is Just Plain Wrong!

The complete article.... HERE

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Robert / Marc Theoret - Hydroplane Racing

As a child growing up in Valleyfield, it was no surprise that we were huge Regatta fans.  From building plywood pull-string boats behind our bicycles, to remote-controlled units as a teenager, the Valleyfield Regattas was deep into our blood.  But nothing compared to our local hero, Robert Theoret, who won no less than 5 world championships, and then passed the legacy, on to his son Marc.

Great memories from those "Good ol' days", were recently brought back to life, through a video that was made by TSN. It was also during those younger years, that we found passion in photography, at the ripe young age of 11-12 years old, capturing moments in the pits alongside these prestigious machines that, at the time, seemed larger than life.

In 2013, Robert & Marc did an exhibition run, and "raced" their respective boats on the St-Francois Bay, and we were fortunate enough to capture the moment, were Marc had mobilized his boat to salute his father, as he passed in his vintage Regatta.  Robert later contacted us to get a few printed copies of this photo, which later happened to be in the video.

To repeat Robert's own words... "Everything is 2nd to that moment, the highlight of a lifetime, not just a career", and we were glad to be able to capture & immortalize it for him.

Father/Son Hydroplane Racing Video... HERE (highlight the HD button)

Still today, it is an event that we wouldn't dare miss. We hope to see you all there in 2016. :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Le Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal...

Dimanche le 13 Septembre 2015  |  Ville de Montreal

Le circuit du Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal, placé judicieusement sur le Mont-Royal, est une valeur sûre pour garantir une compétition de très haut calibre.

Un parcours redoutable, une ascension répétitive extrêmement exigeante au rythme très difficile, voilà ce que réserve à l’élite mondiale du cyclisme, le circuit du Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal. Un parcours en plein coeur du centre-ville qui assurera fébrilité aux plus grands champions cyclistes et à tous les amateurs d’ici et d’ailleurs.

C'est 168 coureurs de 21 équipes différentes qui ont affronté les 17 tours du circuit urbain de la Ville de Montreal.

Quelques images de cette journée... ICI

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Le Grand Prix Cycliste de Quebec...

Vendredi le 11 Septembre 2015  |  Ville de Quebec

Le circuit du Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec conviendra particulièrement aux grimpeurs et aux habitués des pentes raides. Il sera parcouru 16 fois avec une arrivée en côte dans le Vieux-Québec des plus spectaculaires! On peut s’attendre à une course extrêmement difficile pour les meilleurs coureurs de la planète.

Les téléspectateurs autant que les spectateurs auront droit à des points de vue qui dévoileront la riche histoire d'une des plus vieilles villes d'Amérique du Nord, ses reliefs accidentés, ses édifices historiques, ses fortifications et les Plaines d'Abraham

Homologué par les experts de l’Union Cycliste Internationale venus sur place à l’automne 2009, le circuit a été qualifié « d’exigeant » d’un point de vue sportif et d’exceptionnel, pour la mise en valeur de la beauté de la ville de Québec.

C'est 168 coureurs de 21 équipes différentes qui ont affronté les 16 tours du circuit urbain de la Ville de Quebec.

Quelques images... ICI

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Madonna - Rebel Heart Tour...

September 9th 2015  |  Bell Centre

Montreal was the first date of the Rebel Heart Tour, and fans filled the Bell Centre to witness the World Premier.  From what we saw of the first 3 songs, it was indeed a visual delight.

The Setlist & a few select images can be seen HERE

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Session photo Portrait - Melanie...

Avec un peu de préparation, voici ce que 90min en studio peu ceder comme résultats...

Je vous présente Melanie...

Quelques images de ce shoot des plus éfficasse.... ICI

Lancement de disque... RAFFY!

Theatre Plaza (Montreal)  |  8 Septembre 2015

C'est au théatre plaza, devant une salle comble, que l'équipe de RAFFY a décidé de présenter leurs nouvelle album, intitulé... Liberer l'Animal.  

Un extrait visuel de la soirée.... ICI

Vous pouvez vous procurer l'album au points de ventes suivants...
Walmart, etc....
ou, enligne, sur iTunes via ce LIEN

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Festival YUL EAT...

Quai de l'Horloge - Vieux Port de Montreal  |  5-7 Septembre 2015

Quelques images de cette 1iere année du Festival YUL EAT... ICI

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Les Premiers Vendredis...

L'esplanade Sun Life (Stade Olympique)

Tous les Premiers Vendredis du mois, de mai à Octobre, le plus grand rassemblement de food trucks au Canada a lieu au pied du Stade Olympique à Montréal. 

Quelques images de cette évennement d'envergure... ICI

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

AC-DC au Stade Olympique (Mtl)

C'est devant pres de 40,000 fans que ACDC a joué au Stade Olympique de Montreal, leurs 20 chansons prévu de la tournée Nord Américaine.  Ceux qui y étais, n'ont point besoin de plus de détails que ca.  Ceux qui n'ont pas eux cette chance... vous pouvez l'imaginez d'avantage avec nous photos plus bas. ;)

Mais ont va ce dire les vrais affaires.... Arrettez de manquer ces superbe Shows!

Le Setlist et Quelques images ICI

Saturday, August 29, 2015

AC-DC sur les Plaines D'Abraham (Qc)

C'est sur les Plaines D'Abraham, et devant une folle déchainé, que AC-DC a performer la premiere de leurs deux (2) dates de spectacles au Quebec.

60,000 billets étais en vente, et malgré que le show n'étais completement a guichet fermé, ont estime que le compte n'étais pas loin.

Ont peu vous dire qu'il faisait "Chaud" a Quebec hier soir!!!

Vous trouverez le setlist ainsi que quelques images ICI

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Image Banding (error) ...

I started downloading images from the Alice Cooper concert, when I noticed what seemed to be another failed CF memory card.  Banding across a large quantity of my images. (70-80%)

The same thing had happened on 2 other occasions in the past.  In both situations I was able to have the memory cards replaced.  Lets face it, 64GB 1066x Lexar Pro cards, are several hundred dollars each. But the biggest issue, is that you're losing valuable images from tossing those cards.

That was until I looked further and found another common denominator.  The card READER!!  Yes, the camera bodies and cards were fine.  The trouble ended up being a seldomly-used card reader. 

That's what happens when you have a multitude of readers.  11 for the desktop, 1 for the laptop, 1 spare, etc...

Thought I'd share this information, just in case something like this ever happens to you.

To the retailer that took back my supposedly "faulty" cards.... Sorry. :(

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Alice Cooper | Motley Crue - The Final Tour

August 24th 2015 - Bell Centre (Montreal)

We (the photogs) were in shock, to see the way Motley Crue's management decided to treat us, on their last representation in Montreal. We were accredited, for 1 song only, and from the back of the venue, at the soundboard, and without a riser, at the same level ground as the fans. Thanks for all the great years of coverage guys! (A-holes)

Alice Cooper was the complete opposite (and his usual self), allowing photogs to come up close and personal, in the pit, and playing to our lens for nothing less than four (4) songs.  He even allowed the use of a flash (something that is never seen in our industry).  This guy is without a doubt, the nicest guy in the industry. Confirmed by more than one person that has interviewed him in the past.

Needless to say, we've got great shots of Alice Cooper, and shitty ones with plenty of arms and cell phones in the way for images from Motley Crue, for that entire One (1) song.  You'd think they'd like to finish their career on a good note, and have media play in their hands.  Guess not!

You can find the setlist and a few pics from Alice Cooper HERE
and a few images from the Motley Crue concert (1st song) HERE

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Photos Culinaire Canton - La Mijoteuse

C'est dans le cadre des recettes automnales "La Mijoteuse", que nous avons eux le plaisir de travailler ce mandat des plus complet pour Canton.  De la confection des recettes a la prise d'images, et retouches de ces derrières.

Quelques photos du "Making of" et produit finale... ICI

Les recettes sur le site de Canoton... ICI

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shawn Mendes...

Wednesday August 12th 2015  |  St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Hot Air Balloon Festival

Shawn Mendes was the main attraction at St-Jean's Hot Air Balloon Festival on Wednesday August 12th, as more than 24,000 people crowded to see this talented young artist perform, to which most fans at the venue seemed to know every lyric.

A few images from this performance, can be seen HERE
Go Like his Facebook Fan Page and keep up to current Events HERE

Sunday, August 9, 2015

International de Montgolfières de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

8-16 Aout 2015 |  St-Jean-sur-Richelieu

En cette 32ieme edition de ce festival des plus familiale, il nous fait plaisir de vous presenter notre topo photograhique des Envolees, Spectacles, et Nuits Magique.

Quelques images de chaque journee ICI

Friday, August 7, 2015

Ariana Grande...

Thursday August 6th 2014 - Bell Centre (Montreal)

It was Ariana's first presence at Montreal's Bell Center, and judging by the assistance of 12,033 fans, it was an well-anticipated show by her peeps.

The Setlist and a few images can be seen HERE

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Osheaga 2015...

Friday July 31st - August 2nd  |  Parc Jean-Drapeau (Montreal)

Osheaga's 10th year hasn't gone unnoticed, as the festival posts a complete sell out!  It's no wonder, look at the artist line-up!!

Here's the complete line-up for each of the three (3) days, for every stage.

A few images from each set on both Main Stages... HERE

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Canon 5DsR.... In our Hands!

The day has come, when Canon's new 50.6MP camera body reached our doorstep!

It's with eagerness that we look forward to testing this new unit, and finally seeing what the rave is all about.  We won't have to wait very long, as we've got 2 new great photo opps this coming weekend. (Culinary & a wedding)

Results shall be posted shortly!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Régates de Valleyfield

10-12 Juillet 2015 - Baie St-Francois

C'est avec grand plaisir que nous avons  couvert  la 77ieme édition des Régates de Valleyfield en images.   Ce fut une fin de semaine tres compétitives, remplis d'émotion de d'incidents.  A vous de savourer ce que nous avons capturer...

Quelques images de cette fin de semaine... ICI

Saturday, July 11, 2015

RBO (Rock & Belles Oreilles)

Vendredi le 10 Juillet - Centre Bell

Ceux qui ont eux la chance de voir cette prestation, en parle surement encore. C'est une bien plus grosse production que nous aurions imaginé.  Le nombre de changements de costumes, les décors, la scene, tout étais digne d'un spectacle sur Broadway.

Quelques images de cette soirée ICI

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Taylor Swift...

Tuesday July 7th 2015 - Bell Center (Montreal)

It was in front of 15,391 die-hard fans that Taylor Swift performed a total of 18 of her hits, during the Montreal Tour date.

The setlist & the few images that were approved by management... HERE

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Canton... Culinary Shoot

After having done the summer session of Canton's BBQ recipe shoot, we've now booked the dates for the Fall shoot.  More info soon! ;)

Meanwhile, head on out to your local grocery store and grab their broths, and have fun recreating the recipes on the coupon booklet.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Sunday June 21st 2015 - Bell Center

No less than 14,370 die-hard RUSH fans gathered at the Bell Center, to witness an impressive performance, and creative setlist.  

The setlist a few select images can be seen HERE

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Boxing Gala...

June 20th 2015 - Bell Center

The Bell Center was host to a Boxing Gala, promoted by the Eye of the Tiger Management.

Sport images: Claude Dufresne, SNAPePHOTO
Red Carpet & Atmospehere images: Vanessa Leclair, SNAPePHOTO

A few select images from this event, can be seen HERE

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


* ATTENTION *, le sujet abordé dans l'article suivant est très délicat. Il s'agit du RESPECT.

Je sais que cet article va sûrement en fâcher quelques-uns, mais dites-vous que si c'est la cas, vous en êtes peut-être touchés directement par le sujet de cet article.  Certains semblent oublier la définition de ce mot tant important. Ceci dit, le respect nous vient sur plusieurs volets... autant pour les photogs, que pour les modèles.

Le respect des modèles avec lequel un photographe travaille;
Le respect des droits d'auteurs de l'ouvrage fait par un photographe;
Le respect d'une modèle envers elle-même.

Elles doivent être respectées!
Certaines histoires d'horreur dans le domaine de la photo de "modeling", lors de session privé, nous viennent parfois à l'oreille.  Ces dernières sont aussi banales (mais non moin respectueuses) qu'une parole ou des avances déplacées, des caméras qui filment dans les salles de changements à leur insu et aussi grave que des attouchements et des actes indécents. Mesdames, si vous êtes victime d'un abus de confiance de la part d'un photographe, ne gardez pas le silence!  C'est la seule manière de faire en sorte que ces personnes cessent d'agir de la sorte et que ces dernières qui trahissent votre confiance, soient publiquement dénoncées.

Messieurs les photographes... Ce n'est pas parce qu'une femme est en petite tenue et seule avec vous que vous devez présumer qu'elle est une proie!! Soyez professionnel et faites votre boulot pour lequel vous avez été contracté, et du meme coup, cessez de ternir l'industrie.  Vous nous donnez le gout de créer une "blacklist" publique!  N'allez pas penser que ces choses-là, ne se jasent pas dans le milieu.  Sachez que la vérité fini toujours par sortir et qu'un jour, vous serez mis à la lumiere du jour.

Les droits d'auteurs
Avec les réseaux sociaux, rien n'est plus facile que de "voler" une image et de s'en servir comme si vous l'aviez pris vous même.  Les droits d'auteurs sont en place pour essayer de faire en sorte que notre ouvrage demeure la nôtre.

Exemple concret:  Cette semaine, j'ai vu qu'un ami juriste avait pris une de mes photos du concert de U2, avait pris la peine d'enlever ma signature (watermark) et l'avait poster sur son wall, comme si c'est lui qui l'avait prise.

Je me dit que si une personne en droit légal, ne respecte pas les droits d'auteur, c'est que la situation est rendue grave.  OK, je suis conscient que la photo n'a pas été volé pour fin d'une impression dans un magazine ou pour en faire une publicité, mais tout de même, c'est assez ordinaire.

Respectez votre photographe, et la pareille vous sera rendu.  Si vous travaillez avec un photographe et que vous voulez utiliser de ces images pour fin de réseaux sociaux, ce n'est rien pour vous de prendre la peine de faire mention du photographe dans la description de la dite photo.  Oui, vous avez payez pour les droits d'utilisation de ces images, mais selon la loi en vigeur (C-11), elles demeurent la propriété du photographe.  Le contraire (prendre la peine d'enlever son nom et/watermark), c'est inacceptable.

Vous ne devriez jamais être victime d'une personne que vous engagez pour un service professionnel.  Le manque de respect ne devrait pas être le prix à payer pour obtenir de belles images. On comprend que si vous aimez le résultat des images faite par ce type, que cela peut être tentant. 

Mais mesdames, respectez-vous, et n'encouragez pas ces personnes. Est-ce que de faire une couverture de magazine est si importante, que vous êtes prêtes à vous laisser tripoter?  Au pire, proposer d'amenez votre chum ou un/une amie lors de votre prochaine session, voir comment le photog en question va réagir. Leurs réponses vont sans doute divulguer leur véritable intention.

Ont ne veut pas d'un "Terry Richardson" dans notre milleu "local" (Canada)!

Exigez le respect et ne vous mettez pas dans une situation ou vous pourriez devenir une victime d'une personne sans valeurs.  Avant de travailler avec un nouveau photographe, parlez à d'autres qui ont eu une expérience avec le photographe avant vous. Prenez le temps de vérifier leurs références.

Voici les nôtres >REFERENCES