Wednesday, July 22, 2020

L'Hotel de Ville de Terrebonne, éclairé...

Mardi le 21 Juillet 2020 | Terrebonne

La Ville a décidé de mettre a jour son éclairage de l'édifice, avec un nouveau systeme interactif au DEL, fourni et installé par les gens du Groupe Artea.  Ceux-ci nous on demandé de capter quelques clichés, pendant qu'il faisait les touches finale de configuration, lorsque que les couleurs de "Ca Va Bien Aller" abbordais les murs de la bâtisse.

         Photo: Patrick Beaudry, SNAPePHOTO

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

VIP Track Day at Calabogie Speedway...

Monday July 13th 2020  |  Calabogie Speedway

Our initial mandate was to capture images of the new Kawasaki ZX-6R on the Calabogie Speedway track, for review in magazine.  Didier performed well for close to 4 hours of track time, enabling us to snap some good shots for his editorial.

The people at Pro6 were nice enough to provide us with the list of riders attending the VIP track day, thus our effort to capture as many of them as possible.  With the CSBK Championship race being held there on July 25th, we were pleased to see several Pro riders on site to practice, and to test their new setups.
A few images... HERE

              Photos: Patrick Beaudry, SNAPePHOTO

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

COVID-19, and what it means to photographers...

March 12th 2020  |  Worldwide

THE date where photographers saw most (if not all) of their booked projects, vanish from their agendas.  Those in the events (Concerts, sports, festivals, etc...) saw it the quickest, and will most likely see it the longest, as experts in the field are saying that it will take considerable time before things get back to where large venues will be open to the public again.

For us personally, March of 2020 would have been the highest invoiced month since we started in photography almost 15 years ago.  Instead, we are faced with a situation beyond our control, and with so far, very little light at the end of the tunnel.

So many unanswered questions... How long will this last?  Will this pandemic leave our country in a huge recession?  Will we ever see work as it once was? How many of us won't be able to financially survive without leaving the arts to wander off to something else? 

Let's hope this fiasco is contained quickly, and that operations are back to normal in the nearest future possible.

Meanwhile, let's all stay safe and healthy!