Friday, May 27, 2016

Selena Gomez...

Thursday May 26th 2016  | Bell Centre

Selena Gomez - The Revival Tour

More than 10,000 fans gathered at Montreal's Bell Centre, to witness first hand the talents of Selena's new material.

The Setlist and a few images... HERE

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lexar's modular HR1 Reader Hub...

There is something cool about simple concepts that produce BIG results. That's what you get with Lexar’s new Professional Workflow Reader Solution. The “HR1” as it is called in the field is a card reader system designed for volume-driven, pro photographers. That is, shooters that need to get their images OR video copied over to their computer as fast as possible.

However simple, the HR1 hub-concept addresses the evolving needs of the run-and-gun working professional. Case in point; it is not uncommon for a photographer to fill a couple of 8, 16, 32 gig cards and greater on a job. Think about it; one or two bodies capturing 20+ megapixel stills and video. Cards can stack up fast! Ingesting the files from those cards can take a considerable amount of. Until now, the process looked like this: Plug card #1 in, move on to another task for a while, come back and repeat the process until all cards are done. Mundane, manual and time consuming to say the least.

Additionally, we are seeing more and more cameras that incorporate multiple card formats, such as CFast, & Compact Flash in a single body (Canon 1Dx MKII). While multi-format card readers have been available for a while, never has a customizable configuration format like this.

The HR1 is a hub with four bays, capable of holding up to four individual Professional Workflow Card Readers. The card readers currently come in three versions: Compact Flash (Model #CFR1), SDHC/SDXC (Model #SR1) and XQD (Model #XR1). As additional formats emerge, you can expect to see supporting card readers for the HR1.

You can mix and match the individual card readers any way that you like among the four available bays. Just slide a reader in, and it docs in the hub. With the individual readers in place, you simply plug the hub into your computer using a single USB cable, making all four drives available at once.

In addition to the hub concept, another cool workflow feature is the ability to use the readers individually. For example, if you are headed out the door and want to travel light, just pull one out and take it with you!

From my experience with the HR1, I would solidly recommend it to anyone who values speed and proficiency in their workflow. At an MSRP of $99 for the hub and  $35-45 for the readers, this reader system is a nominal investment in what you will get in time-savings.

You can learn more about Lexar’s new Professional Workflow HR1 Hub and card readers at

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MJ Animaction...

14 Mai 2016  |  Studio SNAPePHOTO

Afin de faire les images promo des nouveaux personnages de la troupe de MJ Animaction, nous avoir reçu nul autre que le Lapin de Paques, Olaf, Elsa, Kristoff, Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Blanche Neige, Cendrillon, Wonderwoman, Spiderman & Pat Patrouille!

Ces personnages s'ajoute a la longue liste existante que MJ Animcation on a leurs inventaire.

Quelques image de ce shoot... ICI

Saturday, May 14, 2016

James Taylor...

Friday May 13th 2016  |  Montreal's Bell Centre

James Taylor and a formidable group of musicians, playes an impressive setlist to a crowd of over 6,000 fans,at Montreal's Bell Centre.

The Setlist and a few images... HERE

Friday, May 13, 2016

L'inauguration de la Tour 1 du Canadiens...

12 May 2016  |  Penthouse (46ieme étage), Tour 1 du Canadiens

La Tour des Canadiens est un complexe de gratte-ciel en copropriété en construction, qui es situé à côté du Centre Bell au centre-ville de Montréal , à l'avenue des Canadiens et rue de la Montagne, et est nommé pour l'équipe de hockey des Canadiens de Montréal , qui est un co-propriétaire du projet .

La tour sera composée de 552 condos, avec treize étages de stationnement et un grand bar sportif au rez- de-chaussée.

En Février 2013, le projet a été approuvé par la ville et est 100% vendu. La construction a commencé en Juillet 2013, avec une date d'achèvement prévue dans le courant de 2016.

L'inauguration officielle a eu lieu sur la terasse du Penthouse au 46ieme étage.

A 50 étages et environ 167 mètres, il deviendra le septième plus haut bâtiment de la ville, et la deuxième plus haute tour résidentielle.

Quelques images de la soirée... ICI

Monday, May 9, 2016

Le Show de la Réussite 2016...

4 Mai 2016  |  Place des Arts (Salle Maisonneuve)

La Fondation evenko pour le talent émergent, agrandit sa portée auprès des jeunes avec la Fondation Arts-Etudes.

Avec la présence d'artistes connu, tel que Daniel Lavoie, Judi Richards, André Sauvé, Kevin Bazinet & Nannette Workman, les jeunes on participées au vocales et aux arts visuel du Show de la Reussité 2016.

Quelques images... ICI

Monday, May 2, 2016

The New "Goodies" are in...

May 2nd 2016  |  St-Lin-Laurentides, Que.

After having tested the pre-production model back in February, we were told that SNAPePHOTO has taken possession of Canada's first delivered Canon 1Dx MKII unit.

We were nothing less than impressed of our tests this winter (review HERE).

All of our ordered units have arrived, and we can't wait to put them through various projects, and show you the results from the new era.