Saturday, November 26, 2011

Testing of a pre-production Canon 1Dx

Pre-production 1Dx Camera Body Test
In November of 2011, SNAPePHOTO was selected by Canon, to conduct a few tests on the pre-production model 1Dx camera body, and asses our findings.

The first time was during an NHL game. The results where stunning, and everything led to think that Canon had hit the nail on the head with this one.  The points of focus, the skin tone, the increased speed and the saturation, were all very good improvements.The capture of "reds" still need a little fine tuning.

The Second, was during the Judas Priest concert.  Whilst only having 3 songs, it was all it took, to confirm that the metering in both AV & TV priority modes, were spot on, and that Canon had greatly improved the high ISO/low noise rating on this new flagship camera body!

A more detailed review can be obtained here >