Sunday, February 28, 2016


Samedi le 27 Fevrier 2016  |  Place des Arts (Salle Claude-Léveillé)

Raffy, cette musicienne multi-diciplinaire, a la voix qui nous rappel le style de Gwen Stephani du temps de l'album Tragic Kingdom (No Doubt), a joué l'itégrale de son album "Liberer L'Animal" devant une salle comble, ainsi que quelques chansons en boni.

Raffy et son band ont sus garder la foule électrifié du début a la fin, ou elle a ensuite rejoind ces fans a l'exterieur de la salle, pour une scéance d'authographes et photos.

Une belle surprise es survenu apres l'enterpretation de la troisieme chanson, lorsqu'un représentation de la SOCAN, es venu sur scene offrir une plaque au membres du groupe, en hommage de leurs chanson "Dérive", qui a été #1 pendant 3 semaines consécutives dans le top radio correspondant, en Octobre 2015.

Le setlist et quelques images... ICI

Photos:  Patrick Beaudry | Claude Dufresne

Friday, February 26, 2016

Luke Bryan

February 25th 2016  |  Bell Centre

This was one of those night that was revealing for me.  For one, I didn't realize country music so popular in the Montreal area.  Luke Bryan play to a dynamic sell-out crown of 17,300 adoring fans, that seemed to know every word of every song!

We were unfortunately placed amoungst the crowd to shoot, which is rarely a good vantage point. Still, we do our best to capture a few good stills, while arms are in the air with cell phones doping their best to get that iphone pic/video, which in most cases, probably never get seen again. ;)

Check out one of the shots, as Luke Bryan is standing at the edge of stage, and the fan is litterally 2' away from the artist, and his eyes are where?.... on his phone!?!
The setlist, M&G and the concert pics, can be seen... HERE

Friday, February 12, 2016

Blue Rodeo...

Feb 11th 2016  |  Place des Arts (Salle Wilfred Pelletier)

The beloved Canadian band played for a full house, and we had the opportunity to be there, to capture images from the first few songs.

A small selection of photos can be seen... HERE

Thursday, February 11, 2016

We've tested the Canon 1Dx MKII...

We had the privilege of handling a pre-production model of Canon's new flagship camera body, the 1Dx MKII.  Because the unit was not a production model, we agreed not to share any of the files taken with this specific camera body.

Although we were limited to a short session, we were impressed with the new features and improvements made from the current 1Dx model. We're glad to share our impressions, the list of new features & improvements, plus every detail surrounding the specifications of this unit.

See it all..... HERE

Monday, February 8, 2016

Quelques images de Cristele Beauchamp...

Nous avons eu un immence plaisir d'accueillir Cristele en studio, pour une session portraits.  Avec notre maquilleuse, Frederique Filiatrault, ce fut une journée des plus amusante, comme rarement avant.

Voir le résultat de cette journée.... ICI

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gala de Boxe... Kovalez-Pascal 2

Saturday Jan 30th 2016  |  Bell Centre, Montreal

An impressive card was presented at the Bell Centre, in addition to HBO's presentation of the WBO/WBA/IBF World Championship Light Heavyweight bout, opposing Kovalev vs Pascal.

Images from each of the bouts, can be seen HERE
Credit Photos:  Patrick Beaudry | Claude Dufresne

1.    Stapulionis vs Fazekas,  8 Rounds
2.    Butler vs Hoffman ,  8 Rounds
3.    Chaney vs Csala, 4 rounds
4.    Theroux vs Garcia, 6 Rounds
5.    Diaz vs Gomez, 6 Rounds
6.    Dalhaev vs Salazar, 6/4 Rounds
7.    St. Juste vs Lafreneire, 10 Rounds
8.    Mikhaylenko vs Mayfield, 10 Rounds
9.    Kovalev vs Pascal, 12 Rounds
10.  Bouchard vs Mielewcsky, 4/8 Rounds