Saturday, June 22, 2019

Pré-Bal de finissants...

Vendredi le 21 Juin  |  Ile des Moulins (Vieux Terrebonne)

Une amie de longue date m'a fait la demande de photographier sa fille et ces ami(e)s au Parc des Moulins, dans le vieux Terrebonne, avant que ceux-ci ce rendre a leurs bal de finissants.
Les images on été remis au participants, et demeure libre a eux, de les partager a souhait.

Félicitations au finissants de la promotion 2019!
            Photo: Patrick Beaudry, SNAPePHOTO

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Universal / Barclay Canada...

June 17th 2019  |  Universal Offices

Universal Music Canada announced today, the launch of its new label imprint, Maison Barclay Canada. The label is focused on discovering and signing culturally-relevant, progressive Canadian artists, and developing and promoting their work - not only in Quebec and Canada, but jointly in France and around the world.
A few images of the festive reception can be seen... HERE

             Photos: Patrick Beaudry, SNAPePHOTO

Monday, June 17, 2019


Sunday June 16th 2019  |  Montreal's Bell Centre

The much beloved Oprah Winfrey graced the planks of the Bell Center, to remind women that their life is theirs to design. She was funny, candid, and entertaining to the crowd of almost 7,000 fans, that gathered to see and hear her speak messages from her new book... The Path Made Clear.

On this first Canadian tour date, one fan was especially spoiled, as the high school teacher, was asked to join Oprah on stage, after her classroom had made and sent a video, that had gone viral.

A few images... HERE

             Photos: Patrick Beaudry, evenko

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Corey Hart / Glass Tiger...

Saturday June 15th 2019  |  Bell Centre

Concert wise, I heard from the fans that Corey Hart's performance was pristine, however, from a photographic stand point, let's remain polite and say that the originally stated pit area, was no longer an option, and we were changed position to a much further vantage point.  Unless you're a photographer, you might not understand the implications in final renders, but it makes a huge difference in the outcome, when you bring equipment for a scenario, and a completely different one is presented to us, once it's time to shoot.

Glass Tiger, however, let us shoot from the pit area, and the images are as expected.

Nonetheless, here are a few samples of what we were able to capture last night, during the first three (3) songs of each performance.
A few images from Corey Hart... HERE
A few images from Glass Tiger... HERE

             Photos: Patrick Beaudry, evenko

Friday, June 14, 2019

Je Revient Chez Nous...

Mardi le 14 Mai 2019  |  Théatre Hector-Charland

Les grands succès de la chanson québécoise francophone sont entre bonnes mains. En voix, Gabrielle Destroismaisons, Marc-André Fortin, Jean-Philippe Audet, Frédérique Mousseau et Simon Fréchette-Daoust vous présente en toute premiere, au Théatre Hector-Charland de l'Assomption, la revue musicale «Je reviens chez nous».

Quelques images... ICI

             Photos: Patrick Beaudry, SNAPePHOTO

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Billie Eilish...

Wednesday June 12th 2019  |  Place Bell

The excitement surrounding this young sensation, was hard to imagine.  The fan base being composed mainly of young girls from 15 to 25 years of age, Needless to say, ear plugs were a must for this concert!

The artist, played a great rendition of her repertoire, and left another full-capacity crowd, with awesome souvenirs.  The "When We All Fall Asleep" World Tour, will without a doubt have great success.

Personally, I totally LOVE this artist!

A few images... HERE

             Photos: Patrick Beaudry, evenko

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Fondation evenko - Spectacle...

Samedi le 1ier Juin 2019  |  Place des Arts

C'est au Théatre Maissoneuve de la Place des Arts qu'a eu lieux le spectacle de fin d'année de la Fondation evenko, ou les élevés prenais place sur scene avec des artistes, tel que Les Deux Freres, les soeurs Boulay, Luce Dufault, Kim Richardson, Les Bros, Marie-Helene Thibert, et Roxanne Bruneau.

Un beau mandat ou on a couvert le tapis rouge, le spectacle et le cocktail post-show.
Quelques images... ICI
               Photos: Patrick Beaudry / Claude Dufresne, evenko

Saturday, June 1, 2019


Vendredi le 30 Mai 2019  |  Centre Bell

LOUD, le rappeur Quebecois du nom de Simon Cliche Trudeau es le premier rappeur Quebecois a présenter au Centre Bell, a salle comble pour 2 soirs en plus, avec artiste invité Milk & Bone. 
Quelques images... ICI
             Photos: Patrick Beaudry, evenko