Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Marvel - Press Conference

Bell Center - January 27th

Not only were Marvel fans were invited to attend the big unveiling of this upcoming production, but this was far from being an "ordinary" Press Conference.  Hosts repelling from the ceiling, motocross stunts, masks, gift bags & even a selfie booth with Marvel accessories for attendees to have a souvenir of the moment.

This will be without a doubt an event that will sell out quick. Fun and amazement for the whole family.  Ticket s will be on sale as of February 7th, so I'd mark that date down on a calendar if I were you.

A few images from the Press Conference can be seen HERE

A link to ticket sales and a preview of the production, HERE

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Korine Coté...

Théatre Corona - 27 Janvier

C'est devant une salle comble, recueillant plusieurs artistes invité, que Korine a fait sa première au théatre Corona.  Personellement, j'avais bien hate d'assister a cette représentation, non seulement pour y faire de la photo, mais pour du meme coup, savourer son humour.

Je ne me souvient la derniere fois, ou je n'ai pu m'empecher de rire tout haut, tout en travaillant.  Korine a une livraison de punch bien a elle, qui a fait de cette soirée un 2 heures de rires intense.

Quelques image de cette soirée, peuvent etre vue ICI

Lien a son site web ICI

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Show Harley 2015...

What do you get when you gather this year's tricked-out Harley-Davidson motorcycles from dealerships of all corners of the province, have them presented by a great host (Francisco Randez), showcased by an awesome selection of beautiful women, mixed with the gnarly tunes of Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), and add the smell of burnt rubber...?  The worlds Largest Harley Show!

The Bell Center rumbled, as this year's event satisfied the most demanding.  It's the type of event that every true biker needs, to break these harsh winters in half, and it seems to be getting better & better every year!  If you're a biker, own a Harley or aspire to becoming part of HOG, this is the place to be!

You couldn't make it this year, shame on you!  Well... there's always next year!  See you then...

A few images from that evening can be seen HERE

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sam Smith

Bell Center - January 19th 2015

Sam Smith played to a sold out crowd of close to 13,000 adoring fans.  

The setlist as well as a few images from that show HERE

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Making good use of your iPhone, while on a shoot...

Many of us, make good use of our intelligent phones while on a shoot.  Several apps are made available to ease our task while on a project. 

Whether it be to help us with the position of the sun at a certain location at a precise moment, Pose examples, Depth of field calculator, or simply a list of shots we want to make sure we get at a certain time, such as weddings, our phones come in handy.

Here are some of the Apps I use on my phone...

Simple DOF
If I'm shooting a portrait with a preferred lens that has a large aperture, and wish to take advantage of that lens quality and  create a soft feel to the photo, I'll use a DOF calculator.  There's a very fine difference in setting, when you wish to obtain a very short depth of field, while making sure the models eyes are tack sharp, even though he/she might not be facing you squarely. 

For example, if I use a 135mm F2.0 lens mounted on a full frame camera body, and I'm 9' from the model at F2, my depth of field will be 1.85".  There's no way of knowing that, unless you have a DOF calculator.

This app uses your position along with the current sunrise/sunset information, so you can use the lighting to your advantage and select the best time of day, based on the decor you've chosen to use as a background.  

To me, this is one of the best tools for a photographer that shoots urban, outdoor portraits, weddings, etc...   It takes the guesswork out of the equation, and you can better prepare for your shoot, well in advance.

This doesn't have to be an App.  Some use their Notepad to make a list of images to be shot throughout the day.  One thing's for sure, it beats lugging an old wooden clipboard around or a folded up piece of paper in your pocket. The key, is to not forget a single moment.  Comes in really handy for wedding, when you're more than one photog, so you and your assistant can split the shot list, while making sure it's taken care of.

All this is nice and dandy, but how is this perceived by the client, who's not a photographer?  Does he/she understand that we're actually working while we've got out eyes on our phones, and not texting our friends or loved-one, or posting on our preferred social media?  I once had a client ask me if I was really interested in doing the shoot, because I was apparently sending lots of time looking at my phone.  And, until I showed them what I was doing, they of course had no idea, that we were using various apps, to their advantage.

Since then, I've been voicing out my actions, while using my phone, and the clients seem to appreciate it.

So, to all potential clients reading this, remember, don't to be too quick to judge.  If a photographer is spending time on his/her cell phone while working on your project, chances are there might be more than meets to eye.  They're most likely making sure you get the best image possible.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Billy Tellier...

Vendredi dernier, le 9 Janvier, ont a eut le plaisir d'accueillir Billy Tellier en studio, afin de faire quelques photos portraits, jaser un peu, et prendre un p'tit "jus de pomme" (ou deux).

Malgré que nous sommes accoutumé de l'entendre a CKOI les matins de semaine, nous pouvons vous  confirmer que ce n'est pas pareil que de l'avoir dans son salon. Même s'il es en congé, il es drole en ta..., et une joke n'attend pas l'autre.  Il nous arrive pas souvent de faire un shoot, et d'avoir autant mal a la machoire. Maudit que nous avons hâte de le revoir en show!

D'ici là, je vous invite à visiter son site web >, ou vous pourrez vous procurer le DVD de son one-man show "Le Petit Monde de Billy", en attendant sa prochaine tournée.

Cheers Billy, et bonne continuité!

Version haute résoluton des images..... ICI

Friday, January 9, 2015

John Lennon's "Imagine" in a Comic Strip...

In light of recent "religious" events, when we question ourselves why...
Here's a link to a peaceful comic strip of John Lennon's "Imagine".

May this shed a little warmth in our hearts, and judgement of right & wrong in our minds.

Link to the entire Comic Strip HERE

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Testimonials, References, Feedback and Comments...

Let's face it, in business, the words... "You're only as good as your last project" are very true, even more so, when we talk about the world of photography.  Unless you're world-renowned, or have been in business for 30+ years, you're constantly proving yourself to existing & new potential clients.

Before dealing with a photographer, it's a good idea to look at the photogs latest work, go through their website, but also, take the time to dig a little further to confirm references, and see how the individual interacts with others on projects, and confirm the reliability and responsibility of the person they anticipate dealing with.  After all, your project deserves to be treated as such.

Here are certain points to look for...
- Quality of work
- How this person presents themselves (dress code & attiude)
- Ease to work with (interact with others)
- Composure when working with big names & A-Listers
- Reliability (on time, and prompt delivery of the finished product)
- Ability to work around a problem, finding a solution
- Top of the line gear and knowledge on using it

In order to continuously improve our end products & services, we've been gathering Feedback & References over the years, and decided we should showcase some of these comments in a dedicated page on our website.

Hopefully this post will have helped you in making sure you select the proper person for the job.
Here's a link to this Reference page... HERE

Friday, January 2, 2015

L'Année 2015 commence en beauté...

Nous commencons l'année avec une courte session portrait, avec nul autre que la jolie et sympathique Emilie Brassard, figure publique et animatrice radio bien connu au Quebec.  Vous pouvez la suivre en onde la fin de semaine, sur Rythme FM 105.7

Je vous invite a aller voir les images qui ont été retenus ICI

N'hésitez pas a faire appel a nos services, et de céduler votre propre session, via notre site web....