Sunday, March 31, 2019


March 30th 2019  |  Bell Centre

In light of their 
Simulation Theory World Tour, MUSE played in front of an electrified sold-out crowd of 17,270 fans, ...completely gone wild.

A few images... HERE

            Photos: Patrick Beaudry, for evenko

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Toronto Blue Jays in Montreal...

Monday / Tuesday, March 25th & 26th 2019  |  Montreal's Olympic Stadium

As it's been customary for the last 5 years, the Toronto Blue Jays were in town at the Olympic Stadium, to play two (2) pre-season games. This year, the visiting team were the Milwaukee Brewers.

A few images... HERE

              Photos: Patrick Beaudry, evenko

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Osheaga 2019...

Tuesday March 26th 2019  |  Press Release

evenko released this years' Osheaga festival lineup, on a much appreciated bands-per-day list.

Another great festival not to be missed, for which we'll be glad to be part of.

Ticket sales soon, via the Osheaga website... HERE

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Le Déjeuner du Président...

Vendredi le 22 Mars 2019  |  Mise au Jeu (Centre Bell)

Bell Media et RDS, on passé on moment de qualité lors d'une rencontre avec Guy Lafleur, suivi d'une conférence avec Goeff Molson, le temps d'un déjeuner causerie, et une courte session de magasinage dans le boutique du CH.

Quelques images... ICI

              Photos: Claude Dufresne/SNAPePHOTO, pour evenko

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Phil Bond... Merci!

Mardi le 19 Mars 2019  |  Théatre St-Denis

Apres les anecdotes fa
miliale de son deuxième one-man show, Philippe Bond nous revient en force avec son nouveau spectacle, nommé Merci, que nous avons eu le plaisir de couvrir la premiere médiatique, au theatre St-Denis.
Quelques images... ICI

              Photos: Claude Dufresne, evenko

KISS, End of the Road Tour...

Tuesday March 19th 2019  |  Bell Centre

KISS played Montreals' Bell Centre, while on the "End Of The Road", final tour, in front of a full-capacity crowd of 15,624, which would currently be the largest attendance since the beginning of the tour.

Those that missed the show will have one last chance to see KISS, at the same venue, on August 16th 2019, for their very last show presence in Montreal.  Hurry up before it sells out!
Ticket sales... HERE

For us few photographers, it was something I think most had yet to experience.  Not only the electrifying show in itself, but to be accredited 2 songs, one for the sound soundboard, and the second from the pit.  Making our way through the thick crowd, while changing lenses will remain part of the experience.  

The band members made up for it, and as usual were very giving to the media.

The setlist and a few images... HERE

              Photos: Patrick Beaudry, for evenko

Monday, March 18, 2019

Clinique d'Hockey Rogers...

Dimanche le 17 Mars 2019  |  Place Bell

Rogers a tenu une clinique d'hockey, pour des jeunes entre 4 et 16ans, Dimanche le 17 Mars, au nouvelle amphithéatre de Laval, avec rien de moins qu'un ancien joueur du CH (Gaston Gingras), un joueur actif (Philip Danault), et bien sur, notre mascotte préféré de tous... Youppi!

Quelques images de la journée... ICI

Veuillez contacter evenko pour vos besoin de location de glace. (Centre Bell & Place Bell)

            Photos: Patrick Beaudry, pour evenko

Sunday, March 17, 2019

James Bay...

Saturday March 16th 3019  |  Place des Arts

James Bay played to a sold out crowd, at Montreal's Place des Arts.
(Salle Wilfred Pelletier)

A few images... HERE

              Patrick Beaudry, for evenko

Friday, March 8, 2019

Disney On Ice, Mickey's Search Party...

Thursday March 7th 2019  |  Bell Centre

Join Mickey Mouse and his friends at Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party, a brand-new adventure filled with world-class skating, high-flying acrobatics and unexpected stunts! Help them follow Captain Hook’s treasure map and look for clues in the search for Tinker Bell in immersive, fantastic worlds. Explore the colorful spirit realm of Coco in Miguel’s Disney On Ice debut, sail away with Moana as she bravely saves her island, see Belle in the sky above you as the enchanted chandelier comes to life, and sing-along with Elsa in the icy world of Frozen.

Mickey is in town from March 6th-10th 2019
Link for ticket purchase... HERE

A few images... HERE

              Photos: Patrick Beaudry, for evenko

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Mumford & Sons...

Monday March 4th 2019  |  Bell Center

Mumford and Sons... While playing from a central stage makes for a larger crowd capacity & an interesting view point for all patrons, it also often creates undesired situations for photographers, such as weird back lighting, and most importantly, the fact that band members may not be facing in our direction.  Thus was the case last night, as we feel the band may not have gotten the memo that we were shooting the first 3 songs, instead of the 5, 6 & 7 as originally planned.

Amidst the weak lighting and multi-direction facing band members, it made for cool images with the crowd in the background.

A few images... HERE

              Photos: Patrick Beaudry, for evenko

Monday, March 4, 2019

Sharing files with our clients...

Whether we're shooting a corporate event, a concert, or a wedding, each situation has a different "file sharing" need.  In the case of a corporate event, usually a large number of images need to be uploaded and shared with our client, and they in turn, for them share to theirs, where we serve as a platform.

For a wedding, we use the platform to share the images with the newly weds, for them to make their selection.  The platform enables us to control if images are to be watermarked, download-enabled, and if so, in what size.  It also provides us with feedback of what images were marked as "favorites", and how many downloads have occurred per project.

The beauty of our system, is that we can customize it, to suit both the clients needs, and our preferences, based on the type of project we are working on.  Most importantly, it's a user-friendly platform for our clients to use, and easily gain access to their images.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Ellen Degeneres...

Friday March 1st 2019  |  Bell Centre

The Bell Centre and it's audience, greeted Ellen Degeneres, as she was present in Montreal for a Q&A session, as part of her tour.

A few images... HERE

              Photos: Claude Dufresne, for evenko