Monday, March 4, 2019

Sharing files with our clients...

Whether we're shooting a corporate event, a concert, or a wedding, each situation has a different "file sharing" need.  In the case of a corporate event, usually a large number of images need to be uploaded and shared with our client, and they in turn, for them share to theirs, where we serve as a platform.

For a wedding, we use the platform to share the images with the newly weds, for them to make their selection.  The platform enables us to control if images are to be watermarked, download-enabled, and if so, in what size.  It also provides us with feedback of what images were marked as "favorites", and how many downloads have occurred per project.

The beauty of our system, is that we can customize it, to suit both the clients needs, and our preferences, based on the type of project we are working on.  Most importantly, it's a user-friendly platform for our clients to use, and easily gain access to their images.