Monday, November 23, 2015

Artists Supporting Artists...

Whether it be from the same or different field of expertise, I feel it's important that artists not only show appreciation, but also support the work of other artists. A little while back, we were introduced to the works of Lizzy Falcon, paintings & Sculptures. Although we've never been huge fans of sculptures, her paintings "talked" to us, and we found ourselves going back to her website to see what she had created next, on a monthly basis.  
That being said, yesterday we gave in to our urges, and we are now the proud owners of two (2) wonderful pieces... "The Transformation" and "Sugar High" from her Big Eye collection. They will be a great addition to our walls.
The subject, the technique, and raw talent. Everything about Lizzy's work is captivating. I can only suggest you spoil yourself, before her value sky-rockets (and it will). We hope you all get in on the craze, before you need to take a mortgage out on your homes to afford one yourself.
That being said, Lizzy markets her work well, and also offers either, free shipping or percentage discount coupon codes to people who are return clients, or purchase more than one item.
You can visit her website HERE