Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Self-employed & Injured...

As many of you know, Sept 9th was a dreadful day, that will forever change my life. A slow-speed Motorcycle incident that yielded no less than 7 fractures (foot, 3 toes, ribs, punctured lung, fractured hand, severed tendons, and collar bone), and a total of 5 operations, as well as ongoing ergo, and physio therapy.  Aside from the obvious physical pain from each surgical interventions over a period of 10 weeks , there's the emotional factor that can't be denied.

From being very active, both professionally & personally, to coming to a complete standstill and being immobile, from a total of 10 days at the hospital, to the point of feeling imprisoned in ones own home, is not to be taken lightly.  I always thought myself as having a strong character, but over time, such an incident, (although temporarily), creates quite a mental stigma.

Physical recovery will take a bit of time, but meanwhile, what happens to the company one's been putting in sweat, blood & tears into for more than a decade?  Being self-employed in such moments takes a lot of planning, faith in the loyalty of your clients, and also in those you choose to delegate work to while you're incapacitated and unable of accomplishing the task yourself.

A huge thank you to our clients, that haven't changed their habits of providing us with the usual work, and to the SNAPePHOTO team that took on more tasks, to compensate my current inability to contribute.

I'll be back shortly, stronger than ever, with a determination beyond compare!  What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger (and definitely builds character).  It's also during these harder times that you know who you can count on.  All I can say, is that I've got some pretty amazing friends!  

Special thanks to the Pierre Le Gardeur staff (Ortho/Plasti surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, X-ray, MRI & Echo, Ergo & Physio personnel), as well as residencies, that I've gotten to know by  name, over a 3 month timeframe.
For those that aren't too faint of heart, a few iphone images ... HERE