Sunday, December 28, 2014

The use of an UAV (drone) in Canada...

TRANSPORT CANADA - Laws, Regulations & Exemptions

Very popular under the Christmas tree this year, "drones" may become a poisoned gift, if you don't follow the rules.  In Canada, Laws & Regulations surrounding the use of an UAV, is governed by Transport Canada.  And even though this law seems to be recent, and dated November 26th 2014, it makes no sense.  If we follow every guideline in this law, you'll be throwing your drone away and pursuing another hobby.

Earlier this week, a Phantom Pilot got fined $1,000.00 for using his UAV to create real-estate footage for a client!?!  And although the DJI Phantom weighs less than then 2.0kg as stated as one of the exemption criterias, the pilot failed to respect the 9nm distance from a "built-up" (residential area).

Full Article HERE
Video footage used against the pilot, to "validate" the fine HERE

It turns out that this guy, Julien Gramigna, is somewhat "Deceiptful", as it turns out that he has NOT been using a DJI Phantom, like he so proudly poses in his photo in the paper, but rather a "heavy-weight-classified" well above the 2.0KG exemption weight (more than 5.5KG actually).  

It's one thing to try and pass off as a victim, but what this guy is most likely trying to do, is scare off the competition, having them believe that even you're using a Phantom, you'll be in deep trouble if you shoot photo/video footage in this Country.  

Many think that the whole point of making his misfortune public, was a publicity stunt to get more attention and free exposure.

I think the newspaper is as much to blame, for not verifying information that is readily available on this guys website, and is current knowledge to most in the business, in the area.

Here's what he uses... (as clearly stated on his website, and witnessed)
  • Hexacoptère DJI S800 EVO
  • Nacelle Zenmuse Z15
  • Caméra DSLR Sony NEX 7
Way to go champ, for being a nuisance to this industry, and on the same token scaring off potential clients!!


Let's continue the topic at hand.... Canadian Laws, Regulations & Exemptions while using an UAV.

Here's what Transport Canada Defines as the Law, Regulation & Exemption
Flying an unmanned aircraft, according to Transport Canada HERE
Regulations and Exemptions HERE
Summary Print Chart HERE

That being said, I think that even though these laws were put in place to protect the people, common sense and safety should apply....

1.  Don't fly within 9km of an active Airport/Heliport
2.  Don't fly above Military bases, prisons, or in controlled/restricted airspace
3.  Don't fly directly above large crowds
4.  Don't fly in high winds
5.  Verify to status of your gear prior to each flight
(this list could go on for pages on end).

But in the end, it's all about being safe, for you, your gear, & others.

If everyone with an UAV would just use common sense, people around us wouldn't be so compelled to calling authorities, or automatically think we're doing something wrong.  It's part our responsibility to help those around us have a better perception of what we do, and why we do it.

Safe Flying!