Monday, July 7, 2014


In 2013, we initiated the "GOT INK?" photo tattoo project, to demystify the illusion that ink or "tats" were dedicated towards certain type of people.  

As such, we had the idea of photographing a total of 100 people with as many different occupations as possible.  From "bad-ass" Bikers, to Priests, and everything in between!  The idea is simple... to showcase the fact that nowadays, some people use their bodies as a canvas to show who they are, and that "Ink" can be for everyone.

If you, or anyone you know might be interested in participating in this project, feel free to provide them with this link.

Meanwhile, here's small selection of what we've gathered to date.  HERE

             Genevieve, Home care-giver to her son with Cerebral Palsy