Sunday, November 13, 2016

Beaudry is back (and Bionic)...

Sunday November 13th 2016  |  St-Lin-Laurentides, PQ

Two months ago today, I was entering the operation room to undergo a complete shoulder reconstruction, and was extremely weary of the outcome, wondering if I could ever practice the hobbies, sports and most importantly, the work I love so much... Photography.

What was supposed to be and long and difficult rehab period, turned out to be a time of peace, introspection, and revelation.  The wonderful people that surround me, have shown me to what extent they care.  There are too many to name (and I'd be scared to forget someone).  But aside from the medical team of surgeons, nurses, anesthetist, physio-therapists, there were the friends that took time out of their busy schedules, to come assist me on a daily basis. To you I am eternally grateful.

Professionally speaking, I could not have imagined a better scenario.  ALL our clients have continued to either give us work during that time-frame, and those that could, even postponed their projects until I was back on track.  We find ourselves with an overwhelming feeling of appreciation.  To you all, I feel in debt.

To my co-workers that made themselves available, took on more duties and were able to replace me, thanks for the amazing work.

You have all shown me, that a being is no one without his surrounding peeps.

Thank you, and much love!

Beaudry is Back! (and Bionic)