Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baseball's Back In Montreal - "Take me out to the Ball Game... ♪♫♪"

Well..., at least for March 28th & 29th 2014, as Montreal hosts two (2) MLB games, opposing the NY Mets and the Toronto Blue Jays!  The fans miss the sport & "Nos Amours", and it showed by, such a great attendance!
Friday March 28th - 46,276 Fans!
Saturday March 29th - 50,229 Fans!

It's more than fair, to say, that nostalgia was in the air, as near capacity crowds came filling the stands, proudly sporting vintage and new Expos jerseys, as well as various paraphernalia. 

It was nice to see our "Local" team win both games!  With any luck, Mr. Warren Cromartie's project of bringing baseball back in Montreal for good, will become reality.

Meanwhile, we'll probably be seeing a few more exhibition/pre-season games to help soothe the need, our fans have for the sport.

A good selection of images from this double-header weekend, can be seen on a dedicated area of our WEBSITE