Saturday, February 1, 2014

Deal with a Pro, for your Images & Touch-ups!

Whether it be for a portrait shoot, wedding, or modeling portfolio, most (if not all) Photographers will include touch-up services in ones of their packages.  All too often, this service is less than desirable.  Do yourself a favor, and before hiring any photographer, go through a checklist, and see what he or she has done in the past, including touch-up work.  We suggest you expand the image to see the differences in the below "Before" & After" image. (Removal of loose hair, blemishes, fatigue under eyes, slight softening of skin, change in jaw structure, and a bit of sharpening of the eyes, all while keeping it all very real).

(Higher Resolution HERE)

Here's a quick list that might yield insight on the person/company that you are considering hiring, proving them to be (or not to be), a valid choice;

1.   Go through their Website, Blog, Facebook Page, etc... See if their style matches your taste.
2.   Ask to see samples of touch-ups (Original out of the camera, versus the final product)
3.   Inquire about how long they've been in business, and see their evolution
4.   Has this photographer kept up with the times in regards to gear/equipment
5.   Make sure the person you hire is the person you'll obtain, not someone he sends in his place
6.   Meet with this person face to face.  Personality goes a long way in dealing with someone
7.   Price range - If they're are too cheap, BEWARE!
8.   Delivery - How long after the project, will you be seeing the product
9.   Contract - Ask to have a contract for any project of importance and/or value
10. This point, I will not stress enough.... Don't be shy to ask for several references!

If you don't go through a good enough screening, you might end up with something this THIS!  Yes, it's Funny, (unless it's your project).