Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Accepting credit cards, from anywhere!

With today's ever-growing technology, there's no reason not to accept a larger variety of payment methods.  Back in the day, you'd make an invoice, send it out via "snail mail", (which would take 3-4 days to get there), wait 30+ days for payment to be processed, another few days for the cheque to reach you, and once received, go and make the deposit at your local branch.  Then came email invoices, direct payments in your commercial account, and even PayPal to take deposits on reserved studio time, which reduced the time-frame considerably.

Now, Square Reader gives you the luxury of taking credit card payments, (Visa, Mastercard & American Express) from ANYWHERE, as long as you have either cell phone or Wifi coverage.  How crazy is that!?!  If you have an iPhone or iPad, nothing can be easier than using the Square Reader.  It's convenient, accommodating, fast, secure and extremely easy to use.

Whether you're selling prints at a venue, doing a maternity/modeling shoot, or working a social event, why not make it convenient and easy for everyone involved to do business with you?  Whether your client is using a personal or corporate credit card, if you're in business, you should be able to oblige that simple request.

All you need is to procure yourself a Square One credit card swipe unit (worth $9.95 at your local Apple Store), and in a few minutes, you can receive payments into your account.  Yes, It's that simple!  To my surprise, the package even contained a $10 rebate card inside the package, that is deposited in your account upon your first sign-in.

Do yourself (and your clients) a favor, and keep up with today's technology, while making it all the more convenient to doing business with you. 

There are no monthly fess, no "inactivity" fees, only a small percentage per transaction. (2.75%)