Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Tuesday December 4th 2018  |  Worldwide

As of today, SNAPePHOTO has partnered up & pledged to donate the equivalent of 100 trees/month,  to OneTreePlanted.Org, retroactive since we've been incorporated, until we've reached our 900+ invoices to date, after which, we'll continue to donate one (1) tree for each client invoice sent.

By having SNAPePHOTO work on your projects, you're not only helping an artist survive in his field, but also directly contributing to the reforestation of our planet.  Thus far, we've selected to plant our trees in British Columbia, where lots of lumber cutting and wildfires have occurred, & left areas bare.

To know more about the OneTreePlanted Non-Profit cause, click... HERE

We encourage you all, to take part in contributing to the cause directly with OneTreePlanted.Org, or via photography projects with our company.  Either way, we thank you for your support, and the difference you are making in helping worldwide reforestation.