Saturday, September 22, 2018

KTM Dealer / Client Appreciation Day...

Friday September 21st 2018  |  Autodrome Ste-Eustache

As a sign of appreciation to local dealers, KTM Canada rented the Ste-Eustache Autodrome, and along with Moto Nation, held an entire day of lapping on the prestigious race track.  Although mother nature wasn't very cooperative early on in the day, weather eventually turned in our favor, and all were glad to see the sun peak and completely dry off the tarmac.

This was another one of those mandates with appreciated "perks", as the client (KTM Canada) was insistant that I bring my leathers, as they had planned to dedicate a brand new RC390 sports bike for me to use in between photo sessions.

RenĂ©e Larouche of Moto Nation provided ample technical/safety instructions for everyone to be confortable, based on their own experience & skill level.  I personally was privileged to a one-on-one cat & mouse private session, with this great instructor.  Although I remain with the impression that she was "playing" with me, we had an amazing time.  So much fun in fact, that on the way back home, I stopped in to the local dealership and bought a 2018 RC390. 

Needles to say, this is going to be a long winter!


A few images from this day, can be seen... HERE