Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Shawn Connors Designs...

Wednesday May 30th 2018  |  SNAPePHOTO Studios

When a pro-FMX rider becomes an artisan, and uses his past passion to inspire him for his art.  That's the story, of Shawn Connors, who rode pro for over 11 years on the circuit, and conducted his performances overseas in 12 different countries.  From complete acrobatic madness, to overwhelming artistic vision, which transpire to his visuel art concepts.

His Motorsports theme-inspired furniture, utilises recycled parts from old bikes, that he skillfully transformes into pieces of functional art, that are aimed towards enthusiasts, and art connaisseurs alike.

We're more than happy to have captures your work, in both spheres of your life.  Keep up the great work!
You can see some of his work, via his website... HERE
or on Instagram... HERE