Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Africa 2006 - A blast from the Past...

September 2006  |  Kenya Africa

10 years ago this season, and long before we even considered becoming photographers by profession, we had to opportunity to travel to Kenya, and witness first-hand, the great migration of awesome wildlife through the Serengeti & Masai Mara. Of course we didn't have the knowledge, the extensive gear, nor the skill we have today, but we still managed to capture a few decent shots.

Note that the majority of the images posted on this link, were taken from a moving vehicle, on African roads, and original files were captured in JPG format, thus the lack of post-production flexibility (need I say more?).  So please, be gentle with your comments.

I'm thinking that we should make plans to go back, before Industrialization takes over that pristine part of the world, and some of these majestic animals become extinct.

100+ images from that incredible trip... HERE

If you wish to live the same trip we did, with the same tour organizers, please contact Vincent Bolduc of Espace Select, and mention SNAPePHOTO, for an additional rebate.  www.espaceselect.com

Note: If you would LOVE to go, but feel your imagery skills aren't to par, we'll gladly join you and be your trip photographer!

Photos:  Patrick Beaudry, Tommy Picard & Vincent Bolduc