Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Show Harley 2016...

19th - 20th February 2016  |  Verdun Auditorium

This year, the Show Harley went back to it's original roots, and played a smaller venue, on 2 different dates.  This created a much better atmosphere, and enable the event organizers to cater to a sell-out crowd.

The new & tricked-out 2016 Harley-Davidson motorcycles were presented from each Quebec dealer. In addition to dancers, eye-catching models, Francisco Randez as the presenter, and of course, a long list of local artists... Eric Lapointe, Marjo, Rosa, Lulu Hughes, Jonas, Jim Zeller, Breen Leboeuf, Fred Lebel & Bryan Tyler.  And let's not forget, the burnouts by Show Producer, Mr. Richard Gref, to conclude a perfect evening.

A special treat was witnessed by the crowd on Friday, as the Davidson family (Willie, Bill & Karen) were there for the entire event.  Judging by their comments on stage, they appreciated the show as much as the ticket-holders did. 

The venue opened @ 1:00pm (exhibit), and the show started @ 8:30pm.

A few select images from both dates, can be seen... HERE

If you missed it this year, be sure to reserve the dates for 2017!