Friday, February 26, 2016

Luke Bryan

February 25th 2016  |  Bell Centre

This was one of those night that was revealing for me.  For one, I didn't realize country music so popular in the Montreal area.  Luke Bryan play to a dynamic sell-out crown of 17,300 adoring fans, that seemed to know every word of every song!

We were unfortunately placed amoungst the crowd to shoot, which is rarely a good vantage point. Still, we do our best to capture a few good stills, while arms are in the air with cell phones doping their best to get that iphone pic/video, which in most cases, probably never get seen again. ;)

Check out one of the shots, as Luke Bryan is standing at the edge of stage, and the fan is litterally 2' away from the artist, and his eyes are where?.... on his phone!?!
The setlist, M&G and the concert pics, can be seen... HERE