Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Robert / Marc Theoret - Hydroplane Racing

As a child growing up in Valleyfield, it was no surprise that we were huge Regatta fans.  From building plywood pull-string boats behind our bicycles, to remote-controlled units as a teenager, the Valleyfield Regattas was deep into our blood.  But nothing compared to our local hero, Robert Theoret, who won no less than 5 world championships, and then passed the legacy, on to his son Marc.

Great memories from those "Good ol' days", were recently brought back to life, through a video that was made by TSN. It was also during those younger years, that we found passion in photography, at the ripe young age of 11-12 years old, capturing moments in the pits alongside these prestigious machines that, at the time, seemed larger than life.

In 2013, Robert & Marc did an exhibition run, and "raced" their respective boats on the St-Francois Bay, and we were fortunate enough to capture the moment, were Marc had mobilized his boat to salute his father, as he passed in his vintage Regatta.  Robert later contacted us to get a few printed copies of this photo, which later happened to be in the video.

To repeat Robert's own words... "Everything is 2nd to that moment, the highlight of a lifetime, not just a career", and we were glad to be able to capture & immortalize it for him.

Father/Son Hydroplane Racing Video... HERE (highlight the HD button)

Still today, it is an event that we wouldn't dare miss. We hope to see you all there in 2016. :)