Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Alice Cooper | Motley Crue - The Final Tour

August 24th 2015 - Bell Centre (Montreal)

We (the photogs) were in shock, to see the way Motley Crue's management decided to treat us, on their last representation in Montreal. We were accredited, for 1 song only, and from the back of the venue, at the soundboard, and without a riser, at the same level ground as the fans. Thanks for all the great years of coverage guys! (A-holes)

Alice Cooper was the complete opposite (and his usual self), allowing photogs to come up close and personal, in the pit, and playing to our lens for nothing less than four (4) songs.  He even allowed the use of a flash (something that is never seen in our industry).  This guy is without a doubt, the nicest guy in the industry. Confirmed by more than one person that has interviewed him in the past.

Needless to say, we've got great shots of Alice Cooper, and shitty ones with plenty of arms and cell phones in the way for images from Motley Crue, for that entire One (1) song.  You'd think they'd like to finish their career on a good note, and have media play in their hands.  Guess not!

You can find the setlist and a few pics from Alice Cooper HERE
and a few images from the Motley Crue concert (1st song) HERE