Sunday, December 7, 2014

Boxing Gala - Bell Center

Saturday December 6th 2014 - Bell Centre (Montreal, Que.)

A total of seven bouts were presented that evening. (see list below)

Judging by the crowds reaction, it went without saying, that the main event was a bitter disappointment.  A "No Content" finish in the early stages of the 2nd round, after Pascal hit Bolonti with a cheap shot, clearly after the referee had called "Break" on more than one occasion.  

Seeing the possibility that his fighter could win by disqualification mesures, Bolonti's coach apparently tells him not to get up (in Spanish), thus the fighter faking a knock-out/injury, laying flat and leaving the Bell Center on a stretcher to the Hospital (by good measure), then probably to the nearest bar.  You be the judge, by viewing the video HERE 

Images from that evening can be seen on our website HERE