Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Black Sabbath receives Platinum Record in Montreal!

During a pre-show press conference, held at the Directors Lounge at Montreal's Bell Center, the original members of Black Sabbath satisfied the media to a 30-min Q&A session, to which some answers were... unexpected, to say the least!

Those of you that have had the pleasure of talking one-on-one with Ozzy, either during his last solo tour, or since then, will know what I'm talking about.  The man is a lot sharper than you'd expect.  He's extremely funny, smart, witty and quick to put you in your place if he feels you deserve it.

At one point, a reviewer asked Ozzy how he was feeling, seeing he was a certain age, and if we could expect another solo tour.  His response was brilliant, and had most of us, laughing to tears. 

Q:  Ozzy, how are you feeling?  After this "reunion" tour, can we expect another solo album?
A:  I'm feeling great!  We no longer consume alcohol or drugs, I go to bed early, and exercise on a regular basis.  As for a solo album, it depends if I'm still alive.  Right now I'm with Black Sabbath, and things are great.
Q:  If you no longer "party", what do you guys do for fun??
A:  We masturbate!! (showing a gesture of the hand)  Not each other, mind you.  This hand is mine, and only mine!

To which the crowd exploded in laughter. (no pun intended)

We were given instructions to keep the questions to a music level, and not ask anything personal, and I'm guessing this was Ozzy's way of putting this reviewer in check.  A few more questions remained after this one, then Universal Music presented the band with a Platinum record. It was a Press Conference that needed not be missed.  A classic!   It was great to see Ozzy as his Whimsical Childish self.

As for the concert... Unfortunately, only 2 daily papers were accredited for photos.  The House Photog (myself), several other daily's, and the .com online sites were all refused access.

A total of 15,559 true fans, gave Black Sabbath an ego boost like they surely didn't expect.  Every lyric of every song, standing, hands in the air like Ozzy requests on numerous occasions.  A 9+ minute drum solo gave the original band members time to catch their breath, before continuing their 17-song performance.  

I'll be the first to admit my disappointment of not being able to capture this moment in images, but just attending the show was extremely memorable.  If you missed the Montreal show, you need to check upcoming tours dates, and make it to the nearest city near you!  Simply an awesome show!!

The Setlist and a few images can be seen, in a dedicated section of our WEBSITE

      iPhone photo